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The 2010 Science & Technology Campaign Supports Nonprofits and Wants YOUR Stories

Some of the industries top tech resources for nonprofits have partnered up for the 2010 GreatNonprofits Science & Technology Campaign, recognizing science and technology organizations making a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Starting August 1, participants will get the chance to share first-person stories about an organization they feel makes a difference in their community. The nonprofit that gathers 10 or more positive reviews throughout the month will make the Greatnonprofits Top-Rated Science & Technology Nonprofts List.

Greatnonprofits launched the campaign, in partnership with Guidestar, NTEN, TechSoup Global, Association for Women in Science and Tonic, to “identity nonprofits in this area [science and technology] — whether it’s through advancing scientific knowledge, offering education resources, or employing tech solutions to solve local and global problems.” The hope is that stories from donors, volunteers, clients or any one else willing to share, will help encourage others to donate and/or volunteer.

The campaign ends August 31. See the NTEN blog for more details on how you can tell your story and inspire others to take action in the fields of technology and science.


Advancing Your Mission With GIS Tools

Posted by Jim Craner, MapTogether on NTEN

Geographic information systems (GIS) and online mapping applications continue to become more powerful and easier to use every year. Mapping applications that used to require sophisticated software and time-intensive training to create can now be completed in a matter of minutes with user-friendly tools. A wealth of data sources are becoming available online, allowing data from around the world to be mingled, mixed, and mashed up — and where data does not yet exist, communities are using these new tools to gather it themselves!

Organizations around the globe are harnessing these tools and data to mobilize supporters, tell their stories and the stories of their constituents, and to share knowledge with people and communities everywhere. In this article, we’ll look at some examples of nonprofits on the cutting-edge of online mapping and GIS, and how they utilize place-related data to benefit their respective communities.

Read Jim’s examples on NTEN.