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Thrive Offers Nonprofits a Solution for Social Media Management

Small Act, a company dedicated to helping nonprofits, has just announced the arrival of a new tool that will help nonprofits meet organization goals and needs. Called Thrive, the online tool will organize and measure nonprofits specific social media efforts. Incorporating granular scheduling, keyword search capability, contact management with tagging and in-depth reporting, Thrive hopes to be the solution to many nonprofits failing to keep up with social media trends.

According to Grassroots.org, “Thrive manages your social network while attracting supporters and donors to your cause.” They go on to say that, “similar to other tools, you control when you Tweet or update your status on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube (other networks coming soon), target and engage those who care about your work and receive stats on all accounts.”

Thrive will enable you to send your latest Tweets or Facebooks dates easily and more efficiently, allowing nonprofits to better engage followers. Organize contact lists to pinpoint ‘superfans’ or donors, and keep an eye on who is posting and reading what posts. You can even tag and write notes about contacts based on your interactions with them.

As nonprofits look increasingly to social networking to raise funds and following, Thrive could offer a tangible solution to help keep up with the world of social media.

Get your free trial of Thrive and start making an impact through social media.


Convio Co-Founder Vinay Bhagat Named Business Person of the Year

Vinay Ghagat, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Convio, was named 2010 Business Person of the Year by IndUS Business Journal. Ghagat became a leader in Internet fundraising in 1999, when he decided to make the transition into the nonprofit sector, believing he could help nonprofits leverage better fundraising campaigns through the Internet.

Ghagat co-founded Convio, a company that works with nonprofits to assist in fundraising efforts and advocate for change more effectively. The company also works to build stronger relationships with donors, activists, volunteers, alumni and other nonprofit constituents. They have become a leader in the nonprofit sector and continue to pave the way for some really innovative nonprofit campaign strategies. Martin Desmarais, Editor from the IndUS Business Journal said this about the Business Person of the Year:

Vinay’s vision has led Convio to deliver one of the most successful online fundraising and advocacy platforms in the sector. It has not only helped over a thousand nonprofit organizations to raise billions of dollars, but also has provided lasting careers for employees and made a positive impact on the communities they serve.

This is not the first award for the marketing and advocacy innovator — Fundraising Success Magazine named him Fundraising Professional of the Year in 2006 and he received honorable mention as one of Politics Online top 25 people who are changing the world of internet and politics.

In a recent press release, Bhagat said he was,

“Honored to be recognized by IndUS Business Journal. I remain inspired by the nonprofit professionals, volunteers and advocates who work tirelessly to connect people and causes to improve the world. When we launched Convio we had a vision for how innovation and technology could help organizations build enduring relationships that helped them fulfill their missions. Today nonprofits of all shapes and sizes are using our software and services to reach, inspire and move people, and we have built a lasting company dedicated to the success of our clients.”

The award comes at a time when nonprofits are seeing a noticeable decrease in donor funding and a rising fear amongst organization sustainability. Many nonprofits are beginning to look to for-profit companies to help leverage campaigns to raise money, as well as increase their online presence. Organizations that integrate Internet marketing and ‘doing-good’ seem like a long-term solution for organizations struggling to stay afloat amidst the current economic climate.

Learn how Convio’s strategies could help your nonprofit.

What Is Up With Online Giving In Canada?

Posted by Katya Andresen on May 12, 2010

Many of the same trends we have here!

A great summary from our friends at Canada Helps (sort of the Network for Good of Canada – we consider them our brothers/sisters across the border):

What Facebook’s Open Graph Means for Your Business

By Brenton Gieser at Mashable!

Brenton Gieser is the President of ConvoSpark, a social media development agency focused on building socially engaging technology on Facebook, mobile devices, and other social media platforms. You can find him discussing the intersection of social media and entrepreneurship on his personal blog, BrentonGieser.com

All the buzz about Facebook’s most recent changes has left marketers scrambling to get a grasp of what these new products and features mean for their business. For marketers, keeping up with the entire social web is a job in itself, and Facebook’s constant evolution doesn’t make it any easier.

To sum up the recent announcements, it is appropriate to simply state that Facebook has moved one step closer to creating the semantic web — that is, a human-powered web — and positioning itself at the center of this new universe.

Facebook’s Open Graph protocol will help cultivate richer and more useful data in an attempt to make “social” the new default of the web. Still, the looming question is: What does this mean for businesses that have invested so much in Facebook marketing? If any of Mark Zuckerberg’s audacious F8 presentations come to fruition, businesses should start optimizing their Facebook presence now more than ever.

Read more of what Brenton Gieser has to say at What Facebook’s Open Graph Means for Your Business.

Foursquare for Nonprofits?

By Heidi Genrich

Today Allyson Kapin wonders aloud whether Foursquare, a location-based social network application, is worthy of the recent buzz it received at SXSWi. During SXSW, PayPal and Microsoft contributed $0.25 to Save the Children everytime someone checked-in to an Austin location using Foursquare. Beyond securing large corporate sponsors, how can nonprofits use the Foursquare to meaningfully engage supporters?

As someone who has tried and semi-abandoned social media that utilizes geographic information (Do people really want to know where I’m eating pizza right now?), I’m still waiting for an exciting use of location-based networks.  The Foursquare application makes plain geo-location engaging by adding elements of competition, your recorded visits unlocking points and badges. Unfortunately, not enough of my local friends have adopted Foursquare to make it interesting.

While the small-donation-for-a-check-in model has been affective for Foursquare, it is not the only way for nonprofits to use geographic information. Foursquare – and geographic information in general – opens up exciting possibilities for community nonprofits trying to engage local supporters and organize social action. Geo-location social media can also be used to raise awareness about our daily actions, such as encouraging users to support socially and environmentally sustainable businesses.

Allyson Kapin received several interesting responses from the experts: check out her post on Frogloop!

the art of activating slacktivism

Posted by Kari Dunn Saratovsky on Social Citizens on 3/23/10.

Today’s blog {on Social Citizens} comes to us from Dan Morrison, Founder and CEO of Citizen Effect who is driven by the idea that anyone can make a real and significant impact in the world. Citizen Effect provides everyday citizens the tools and networks they need to work directly with communities in need around the world.

I love the word “slacktivism.” It is a classic oxymoron. The word conjures up the image of a male college student (sorry guys) sitting on his couch playing Grand Theft Auto and texting “90999” to support Haiti Relief in the five seconds between games.

And that is a great thing. When I was in college, the college quad was the realm of the activist who wanted to save the world. The dorm room was the realm of the slacker who could care less. Technology has now allowed slackers with a conscience to get involved in the causes they believe in but are too lazy to get up off the couch and support.

Slacktivists are an entirely new market segment that we, as cause marketers, are all salivating over, because so many slacktivists are so willing to procrastinate by picking up their mobile phone or going online to give and spread the word about our cause. Slacktivists are the definition of the long tail and cause marketers are going to bed every night trying to dream up schemes about how to get 1 million slacktivists to text them $10. Unfortunately, for most, that is never going to happen.

Read the rest on Social Citizens.

Throw Better Fundraising Events Through Better Analytics

Ever wonder how to use that data you collected from your last fundraising event? How can those participant and donor numbers help you improve your future events? With donors and board members examining the expenditure of every penny, it is as important as ever to throw fundraising events with high ROI.

For an introduction to event analytics, download Analyze This: A Nonprofit’s Guide to Event Fundraising Analytics, a free guide written by Jono Smith for Convio and Events360.