From Spreadsheets to CRM: How to Accomplish a Successful Organizational Transformation

As nonprofits or most valuable asset is the connections we have with people. We will discuss how a Client Relationship Management approach can support the work you do. Not only your development work but what CRM can bring to a nonprofit, how it can help you connect to your client, customers, donors, and volunteers. It will review what needs to be done before you even start to better understand your business model, chose the right system and ensure project success. Focus will be on the appropriate processes and common pitfalls and struggles that nonprofits face when participating in a project of this type. Attendees will learn the importance of maintaining the “truth” in their data and how to accomplish that goal.
1. Understanding CRM it strengths and concequences
2. Finding the right product and implementation statedgey
3. 7 tips to project success
This session was lead by Dean Graham (NPower Pennyslvania) at the NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference 2010 in Atlanta. Session notes can be found at
For more about NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference, go to:

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