Web Thinking: The Choice Ahead for Movement Building Organizations

Our field is maturing rapidly. The next generation of online campaigners and movement builders has overcome its fetish with technology investment and staff expertise as the secret to online success. Movement leaders are now considering fundamental transformations in how they and their organizations work — to reflect the changing relationship among people, organizations, and movements in the internet age.
The teams at EchoDitto and Biro Creative have been tracking and studying this shift for more than five years through their work with a wide range of leading social change organizations and campaigns. After a decade of obsessive technology consumption, the social change sector is ready for the next chapter. This presentation and accompanying manifesto reveals the tenets of success for movement building organizations in the internet era.
1.  A clear understanding of the key factors that set apart the most effective online movement building organizations from the rest of us — and possibilities for my organizations.
2.  Specific examples of how the unique approach actually plays out inside the most effective movement building organizations.
3.  Inspiration and tools to help bring transformation to my organization.
This panel was hosted by Michael Silbermann (EchoDitto) and Tim Walker (Biro Creative) at the NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference. Session notes can be found at http://j.mp/btsjgd
For more about NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference, go to: http://nten.org/ntc

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