6 Ways to Green Your Technology

Earth day connotates green pastures and blue skies, happily taking in natures’ bounties. But seriously, when can we  get away from our PDA’s or stale office air?

This isn’t supposed to be a nihilist viewpoint for the future, more a realistic blend of everyday life with a greener version. Since most of us will be spending our Earth Day surrounded by 2.0 tech, why not make that as green as you can.

Here are just a few of the ways you can green your IT, or use IT to green your organization this Earth Day:

  • Print Green. Did you know that the age of the Internet has actually increased our paper consumption? (Not to mention all those toner cartridges.) Set the computers in your office to print double-sided — and set them on draft quality to cut down on the paper and toner you go through. Bonus: it will save you money too!
  • Recycle your old equipment. Take laptops, old boxes of toner, thumb drives, broken keyboards, or old power supplies to places in like Free Geek. Not only will they put the used tech to good use, they’ll give people great work skills while they do it. There are programs like Free Geek all over the country and a myriad of other options for recycling your tech junk, even at retailers like Office Depot and Best Buy.
  • Join the Green IT Consortium on LinkedIn. They have great and useful discussions to help you follow through on your Earth Day resolve every day of the year.
  • Two words: Smart Strip.
  • Skip The Commute. With web-based software, web conferencing, laptops, and smart phones, it’s easier than ever to skip the office entirely. Managing a remote workforce can be challenging, but letting your staff skip the commute, even just a couple of days a week, is a great benefit for them, and for the Earth.
  • Buy green electronics. Greenpeace has a handy guide to help you choose electronics from the most environmentally-friendly companies.

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