Socialbrite Chats With The Founders of Eventbrite

By Heidi Genrich

Eventbrite, an online ticketing service for events, recently announced Eventbrite For Causes – offering discounted transaction fees to nonprofits organizations.If you aren’t already familiar with the service, Eventbrite makes setting up online ticket sales very simple. Eventbrite even integrates with Facebook, allowing you to additionally create and publish a Facebook event from within their interface. Socialbrite interviewed  EventBrite’s co-founders, Julia and Kevin Hartz, on the importance of events in for raising  your brand profile and money. Julia Hartz explained that they are eager to develop a service that works for nonprofits:

We’re really excited about hearing from nonprofits. So what we’ll be doing in the next coming months is really reaching out to nonprofits that use Eventbrite to hear from them what they would most like from us. And that’s really in line with who we are. We built Eventbrite around the customer pain points and having a direct, open, and transparent dialogue with our customers. So, we find it only natural to us to be able to apply those same principles to the non-profit organizations because we know that they have specific pain points that we’re not even privy to, and that we’re not experts on. So we’re not trying to be the expert. We’re actually really looking for feedback and open dialogue so that we can build not only in our product the features they need, but also create a really fruitful and productive community.

Check out the full interview.


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