Nonprofits and New Blood

Posted on 3/24/10 by Jocelyn Harmon on Frogloop

Acquisition is critical to your organization’s success. You need to continually be on the look out for new donors, members, advocates and volunteers. These folks will provide the dollars, labor and voices that you need to change the world.

In the commercial world, acquisition takes many forms: advertising, public relations, and increasingly – outreach via social media. It also usually requires a big budget! In contrast, direct mail has long been the staple of the acquisition diet for nonprofits. However, new research shows that direct mail is in serious trouble. For example, a new report from Blackbaud, the Target Analytics 2009 Index of National Fundraising Performance for the Third Quarter, shows direct mail declining rapidly in effectiveness as a way to acquire new donors. In the past five years, new donor acquisition has declined almost 20 percent, or about 3.6 percent annually, the report says.

In response to this decline and the high cost of direct mail, many nonprofits are incorporating new tactics for finding “new blood.” In particular, many are turning to online recruitment and advertising.

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