CEO Pay: Should Expensive Executives Get Out Of Nonprofit?

By Heidi Genrich

In her article Nonprofit CEOs Who Want For-Profit Salaries Should Work at For-Profit Companies, Rosetta Thurman argues that there is an important difference between high pay and excessive pay, challenging the growing consensus that nonprofits should pay executive salaries competitive with their for-profit counterparts. Thurman divides her argument into several important points, but most compellingly she point out that focus on executive pay forgets the other important part of a nonprofit organization: everyone else who works in a nonprofit organization.

Now if we defended increasing the salaries of other nonprofit staff members as much as we do for CEO’s, the sector would be in much better shape. I know that while many CEO’s get paid extremely well, their staff members still make pennies on the dollar. No matter how great they are, no successful nonprofit CEO raises millions singlehandedly.

Nonprofit professionals, the people who do the grunt work of raising money and implementing programs, are infamously underpaid. It is also a little hard to swallow seven figure executive salaries while nonprofits cut back on services. Check out Rosetta Thurman’s full article from The Chronicle Of Philanthropy and let us know what you think!


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