Why Use Widgets Anyhow?

Posted on Idealware by Heather Gardner-Madras on 3/11/10

I’d like to thank new Idealware blogger Debra Askanase for the inspiration for this post, which actually take from her idea for a post around fundraising and advocacy widgets, and which she graciously let me run with due to my slight obsession with widgets. I look forward to her thoughts on the big picture around this web trend and hope she will post a follow up and others will share their insights in the comments below.

There are many great resources and experts out there on viral strategies that apply to using widgets and I won’t try to cover all that here. I’ll just attempt to provide a brief overview about what some organizations are doing and what they are using to implement their outreach.

In addition to checking back in on what nonprofits are doing now that Sprout Builder is moving to an enterprise level application only, I started thinking about some of the possible uses and options for viral or “moveable” widgets that nonprofits are likely to see as helpful.

Why use widgets anyhow? Well, widgets are basically movable, sharable mini-applications that can be used to raise donations, take action on a cause or spread information and awareness about your mission. The fact that your message and actions can be placed and seen “where the people” greatly increases your exposure to new potential supporters. Let’s take a look as some possible uses and options for each purpose.

Read the rest at Idealware.


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