CSR, Cause Marketing and Real Social Change

By Heidi Genrich

Kami Watson HuyseGeoff Livingston and Beth Kantor, the co-founders of Zoetica,  released their assessment social media’s current “toddlerhood” and what it means for cause marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Online cause campaigns are often a hybrid of the two, an attempt to encourage real social change while promoting a particular brand’s images. Consumers, in the era online participation and transparency, increasingly want companies to take substantive action. Simply tacking a charitable component onto a marketing campaign is no longer enough, and can even turn consumers off with its lack of authenticity. It is therefore important that companies show that they are actually trying to improve the world, addressing issues and causes relevant to their brand, to build trust.

The Zeotica team addresses the full gamut off issues – check out the article!


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