9 Keys to Using Online Video to Increase Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact

Posted 03/04/10 by Nancy E. Schwartz on Nancy Schwartz & Company

Online video is big and getting bigger. So much so that it’s rapidly changing the communications landscape. And we have some great models to work from.

Online Video is Getting Bigger – Fast

Here’s the proof, drawn from a recent ComScore study:

  • Over 133 million Americans watched online video in July 2007 – or 74% of US internet users.
  • They watched more than 9 billion videos, 27% of them on Google sites including YouTube.

There’s so much nonprofit video out there on YouTube, DoGooderTV and organizational Web sites. Here’s how distribution breaks out:

  • YouTube captures 40% of the current market – This most popular video hosting site receives 50,000 video uploads and streams some 50 million videos to about 6 million viewers daily.

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Nancy E. Schwartz helps nonprofits succeed through effective marketing and communications.  Nancy and her team provide marketing planning and  implementation services to nonprofit organizations and foundations nationwide.

She is the publisher of the Getting Attention e-update and blog. Subscribe here to learn how to improve your nonprofit marketing impact: http://www.nancyschwartz.com/getting_attention.html.


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