Four Reasons Why Nonprofits Need a Mobile Website

Posted 2/24/10 on Nonprofit Tech 2.0

If your nonprofit is experimenting with text-to-give, text alerts and/or smartphone Apps (or planning to), then launching a mobile website is something your organization should seriously consider. If not an entire site, then at the very least your organization should create select web pages that are designed to be easily read on mobile devices. Here are four reasons why:

1. To improve your text alert campaigns.

Over the last month I have subscribed to receive text alerts from 10 organizations. Of those, only four are texting me regularly (2-3 times monthly). Of those four, one is sending me text alerts that are text-only. Three are sending me text alerts with links to their desktops sites. Folks with regular cell phones with Internet browsing wouldn’t be able to read the content of those links at all. Those with smartphones can read the links, but not easily. Not without increasing, shrinking, scrolling, shrinking, scrolling, increasing. Linking to a desktop site in text alerts is definitely not a best practice.

Also, text alerts are limited to 160 characters, so if you want to do a call to action or inform your subscribers beyond a 160 characters, then you are going to need a mobile website/page to do it.
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