The 3 Stages In The Journey Of A Volunteer

Posted 2/12/10 on Realizing Your Worth

Did the financial collapse have an effect on volunteering rates? You bet. Volunteer rates mushroomed during the winter of 2009. So where are all those volunteers now? Good question.

In the early days of the Obama craze (which, incidentally, seems to have waned only for Americans) there was a strong pull for increased volunteering efforts. Major media voices like Oprah and Starbucks joined the call and soon we, the people, began to respond. When the economy crashed and caused overwhelming job losses, we found ourselves wondering what to do with the extra hours on our hands. It was easy – even exciting – to jump on the volunteering bandwagon. Organizations such as the Taproot Foundation with Aaron Hurst, saw a 171% influx in the number of people coming through their doors, ready and willing to help. Many Non-Profits weren’t quite sure what to do with the inbound droves of helping hands. It was a welcome problem. Better to have too much help than too little, right?

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