10 Best Practices for Pitching Cause Efforts to the Media

Posted 2/10/10 by Cone on What Do You Stand For?

I recently participated on a panel organized by the Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Boston. The topic was “Telling Your Story, How and When to Showcase Volunteer and Philanthropic Programs.” At Cone, we believe telling your story is a critical piece to ensure your cause-related efforts are most effective in making both business and social impacts.

Here are 10 best practices for pitching your cause efforts to the media:

Don’t Be Shy! – These days both consumers and employees expect companies to “stand for something” and those expectations continue to rise. Even during the current economic downturn, 52% of Americans have the same expectations for companies to support causes, while 26% believe companies should be doing even more. And consumers want to know what companies are doing – 91% of Americans believe that companies should communicate their cause efforts. So be proud of the great work your company is doing and find newsworthy ways to tell your story!

Read the rest at What Do you Stand For?


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