Haiti: “Cutting Through the Noise” – Effective donor help during the immediate relief phase

Originally posted by impactsp2carol on High Impact Philanthropy.

In our first blog post last Thursday, Haiti: How Can I Help?, we listed the two types of nonprofit organizations best equipped to have impact in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. We also listed examples of each and underscored the need for cash donations vs. donations of supplies or in-person volunteer help. (See our comments in last week’s BusinessWeek and Chicago Tribune.)

The devastation in Haiti has been matched by an outpouring of generosity. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of news reports and charitable solicitations mean that many people who wish to help are having a hard time cutting through the noise.

Here’s what to focus on: impact not overhead.

Donors report nonprofit solicitations touting low overhead ratios (“100% of your money goes to program cost!”) But even suppliers of these ratios have warned that they are poor proxies for what donors really care about (see link to press release, The Worst (and Best) Way to Pick a Charity This Year)– impact.

Read the rest at High Impact Philantropy.


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