Dire Predictions For 2010 From The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy polled 400 top charities and found that they expect a 9% median decline in donations.

The publication paints a dark picture of shrinking resources and growing demand that could rival 2012:

By every measure, 2010 could be far more painful for charities and the people they serve than any other they have known….

The search for money to finance charitable work will grow more competitive than ever, as state governments and private foundations cope with coffers that have dropped sharply in value over the past two years. Need is growing fast — some 49 million Americans now don’t get adequate nutrition every day, the federal government says, an increase of 13 million over last year. And the demands from the nation’s most-vulnerable residents fall not just on emergency food and shelter groups, but on other organizations, such as health clinics that must serve the uninsured and colleges overwhelmed by demands for student aid….

As times get tougher, donors and governments are looking more carefully than ever to make sure every dollar charities receive is spent well. Lawmakers and donors look askance at the multimillion-dollar executive salaries and raise questions about whether charities are making enough of a difference to justify their donations and government subsidies.

Not all is doom and gloom through: community service is increasingly part of everyday life. Citing Huffington Post Impact among other popular philanthropic efforts, The Cronicle of Philanthropy points out that doing good became cooler in 2009.


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